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Is this service affiliated with Notion?

We love Notion and use it daily, but we are not directly affiliated with them.

There are many automation opportunities within Notion and your apps, and several integrations can make you organize your personal and professional life in a much better way. For this reason, we decided to launch Notion Automations.

We first focused on the Google Calendar integration to make it sync with Notion smoothly using Notion's official API. We are now working on several integrations that will be launched in the future. Stay tuned to know more.

What does refresh frequency means?

Due to technical limitations from Notion, we cannot know exactly when an entry has been updated. As a workaround, we check the whole dataset at a certain frequency (refresh frequency) to see if there were any new changes. You can still force the sync manually when you connect to your account and select your automation.

What makes Notion Automations different from Zapier and other automation tools?

No-code tools are excellent for automating your daily life. You can connect your Calendar with Notion as well. The main difference is that those services are too generic to make it work like Notion Automations. You'll end up with complex workflows to achieve what Notion Automations can do for you, like:

  • Auto-create calendar events from Notion

  • Filter only events that matter to you

  • Add Notion links to your events

  • Integrate different apps

Notion Automations works with a few clicks! And you do not need to pay extra subscriptions for those automation tools.

Do you support multiple automations per account?

Yes, we support multiple automations for every account, provided you get the Premium or Pro plan. The maximum number of automations on an account depends on the pricing plan you choose:

  • Solo: 1 automation

  • Premium: Up to 3 automations

  • Pro: Up to 10 automations

Will the upcoming automations be included in the pricing?

Yes, upcoming automations will be included in the current pricing plans.

The Solo plan is aimed at users who only need one automation, but you will have the chance to switch between upcoming automations if you decide to use any other offered on Notion Automations.

Our Premium or Pro plans offer up to 3 and 10 active automations, respectively.